2014 Red River Soiree

2014 Preservationists Extraordinaire

Senator and Mrs J. Bennett Johnston with M. Echols, President, Monroe.

U.S. Senator J. Bennett Johnston and Mrs. Mary Johnston were honored by the LTHP on June 25, as the 2014 Preservationists Extraordinaire at the Red River Soiree. It was held at the Grand Ecore Visitor Center , J. Bennett Johnston Waterway in Natchitoches.They were honored for their considerable contributions in advocating and supporting historic preservation throughout Louisiana.

Michael Echols, President, and Dr. Dan Seymour, Natchitoches, Red River Soiree Chairman.

Stephanie Meeks, CEO and President of the NationalTrust; Annual Conference guest speaker.

Board members, (left) John Denison, Monroe and Gregg Jones, Pineville.

Donna Richard, Board Member Lake Charles, Senator J. Bennett Johston and Rick Richardn.

Jack Brittain, Jr. Natchitoches; Board Member Lane Callaway, Shreveport and Jack Brittain, Sr. Natchitoches.

Tom Whitehead, author, Natchitoches and Randy Harelson, author and conference speaker.