LaSalle Parish LA_March 2016

Don’t Throw Out Those Damaged Photos Yet

With hurricanes, tropical storms and flash floods being common occurrences across all parts of the state, the Louisiana Trust wants to spread the word about an organization which can help restore family photos damaged by water.  Operation Photo Rescue is a world-wide network of volunteers who can restore digital files of damaged pictures at little to no charge.  More information may be found at and instructions for treating the photos after they are damaged may be found here:  opr-salvage-photos  Please pass the word and let Operation Photo Rescue help bring back those memories after a natural disaster.

Cleaning Mold and Mildew After a Flood

Mold and mildew spores are in the air and around us all the time.  In order to grow, they must have a source of food and water.  This is why mold of all colors and patterns can develop following a flooding event, especially around older buildings or objects and in places where there is little ventilation.

For most people, they cause at most, a mild allergic reaction. When cleaning items, wear dust masks, to limit your exposure to breathing in the spores.  Remove as much water as possible from the space and provide ventilation. If drywall has been flooded, remove areas of wet drywall to provide ventilation to the structural framing. The high acidity of vinegar kills mold spores and makes it a good cleaner which should not discolor most objects.  Some solid wood furniture, molding and woodwork may also be restored if properly dried after being flooded.

For more information on mold and mildew cleaning and prevention, click on this FEMA brochure.